Sam The Kid, also known as STK, is the artistic name of Samuel Mira. Originally from Chelas and born in 1979, Sam The Kid is today considered one of the biggest names in Portuguese rap and one of the most important producers of the genre. An essential figure in Portuguese music, it was at Zona I, in the famous magic room in Chelas, that the first beats and rhymes were born in 1993. His first album Entre(tanto) came out in 1999 and since then he has been responsible for some of the greatest works in Portuguese hip hop. The talent to build phases continued to be evident in his next works, and Sobre(tudo), edited in 2002, confirmed this. Also in 2002, he released Beats Vol 1: Amor - instrumentals, and in 2006, his fourth album, Pratica(mente), was awarded a gold disc. In 2009 the Orelha Negra project was born, in which Sam The Kid together with Fred Pinto Ferreira, João Gomes, Francisco Rebelo and DJ Cruzfader, produce instrumental songs in which several styles are fused.

To date, three albums and two mixtapes have already been released. In 2018, after a long period of waiting by fans finally appears a new studio album by Sam The Kid. "Mechelas" has 18 original themes, where participate, in 17 of these, several heavyweight voices of national hip hop such as Boss AC, Sir Scratch, Bob da Rage Sense, Bishop, Maze, GROGNation, among others.

"Sendo Assim" is the track on the album that marks the rapper's return to rhyming solo. All the themes were put to music and produced by himself and it was the first compilation with the TV Chelas stamp. Since then, the digital platform dedicated to hip hop has already seen the birth of two new albums, "Caixa De Ritmos" (2020) and "Um café e a conta" (2021). But it's not only from rhymes and beats that Sam The Kid feeds himself, and the pride for his identity, which he respects above all, led him to explore new forms of expression to make the underground hip hop culture even more known.

TV Chelas was born precisely for this purpose, a free space for words, rhymes and ideas, whose main distribution platform is YouTube, with various original contents, ranging from music, to video clips, interviews and podcasts. There is also an official website, which, apart from bringing together all the project's content, also has an official shop where the artist gathers his official merchandising, his complete discography, as well as records and vinyls of other artists. STK's personal project already has several successful items, such as Flawless Rádio, a programme that was born as a podcast on TV Chelas and which gained new life on Antena 3 since 2021. "Assim ou Assado" is another of the rapper's triumphs, who together with university professor Marco Neves scrutinises the Portuguese language like few others do. "Três Pancadas" and "Na Mira" are two other podcasts developed by the artist and already well known by the public, two essential works to discover the history of national hip hop. Sam The Kid has performed in the biggest venues and national festivals both as a solo artist and alongside many of his collaborations and special projects, as is the case of Classe Crua. Currently he is on the road with the show "Sam the Kid with Orchestra and Orelha Negra". MC, producer, precursor, vanguardist, engineer of much of the foundations of tuga hip hop, Sam The Kid is undoubtedly one of the most important drivers of the genre and above all maximum inspiration for the younger generations.