FADED was born in 2015 with the purpose of promoting urban culture in Portugal and adding value to the music market in Portugal, through a differentiating model.

Vasco Ferreira and Miguel Aires start this journey together committed to put the artists and the audience in first place, far from the common place of the existing offers in national territory. For this, the search was for disruptive and stimulating concepts.

It is through unique and exclusive curatorships and events that they begin their presence in live shows. Initially with the creation of concepts for reference spaces, at the same time as they get involved in the programming of the Lisbon Academic Week.

They soon began to reproduce these concepts in major national festivals such as MEO Sudoeste, Sumol Summer Fest or Super Bock Super Rock.

It's from all this experience that the concept A História do Hip Hop Tuga was born.

Thanks to the work done so far with names like Sam The Kid, Regula, Xeg, Valente, Bishop, GROGNation, Mishlawi, Kappa Jotta, among many others, the will to gather on stage, in a single show, the greatest national artists of Portuguese Hip Hop were born.

The first edition, at the well known festival in Ericeira was a true success. It was quickly realized that this meeting of stars deserved a stage all to itself and in 2019 this concept flew to the Altice Arena and in a show of its own, told for the first time the story of the four pillars of Hip Hop on stage, from its genesis to the present. In 2022 the event returns to the same venue for another edition.

Ainda em 2017 a agência dá o pontapé de saída na área de management com os GrogNation, contando hoje com artistas como Sam The Kid, Classe Crua, Fred ou Amaura no seu roster.

At the same time, FADED has continued to offer differentiated solutions, being sought out for consulting and production services for brands such as Sumol, MEO/MOCHE, Super Bock and Red Bull, among others. We take particular pride in spotting talent and working closely with agents, managers and record labels to help to nurture an artist’s career. Faded is where promoting and marketing meet, combining our expertise in live shows and giving new acts the maximum exposure they deserve. Follow our social channels for regular content.

Today, with seven years of existence, FADED already assumes itself as one of the largest event producers and national talent agency.