Osvaldo Moniz also known as Prodígio, is a rapper born in Angola and raised between Portugal and the United Kingdom, member of the Hip-Hop group Força Suprema. Prodígio was forced to emigrate to Portugal at an early age due to various health problems, staying with older siblings Paula, José Manuel, Tony and Luis. It was the latter who introduced him to hip-hop at a time he was taking his first steps in Portugal. At the age of ten, Prodígio's musical diet was already composed of names such as Gabriel o Pensador, Black Company and Boss AC, and from there until he started dedicating himself to his own freestyles was a small jump.

Prodígio started writing rhymes at the age of 12, entering the world of Hip-Hop in 2001. Prodígio started on the path to success with the release of his first official mixtape "O Alquimista" in 2011, which received several sequels. Within several awards, the most recent were Best Album of the Year, with the album "Prodígios" and Rapper MVP, both from the Angola Hip Hop Awards. Best collaboration of the year and best singer of the year for the Globes Da Zap. With 20 projects released during his career, featuring collaborations with the likes of Sara Tavares, Dino d'Santiago, NGA, Paulo Flores, Anselmo Ralph, Jimmy P, Yuri Da Cunha, Ágata, Matias Damásio, Syro, Anna Joyce, Olavo Bilac, Dengaz, Gson and many sounding names from our music scene, Prodígio stands out for his incomparable work ethic and a commitment to reinvent and renew himself.