The love for classic hip hop, in which the verb fills the mouth and the chest, and the instrumental trunk descends from the great tree of black music, united Sam The Kid and Beware Jack. The affective bond between them was called Classe Crua (Raw Class), materialised as a tribute to this ancestral and necessary way of creating. Without mincing their words, or concessions of other kinds. They assumed the relationship in Engana, from the collection Mechelas, edited by Sam The Kid in 2016, and on June 10, 2019 arrived the homonymous debut album. A return to hip-hop in a pure state, conscious and sincere, produced with the refinements of Samuel Mira.

Classic in power, it did not take long to establish itself as a reference in the national geography. In Classe Crua there are no light or heavyweights. There is an entity defended by two strong and singular personalities, surrounded, on the full length, by figures of the calibre of Chullage, Phoenix RDC, RAPadura, Francisco Rebelo, João Gomes, Silab and Amaura. As long as the passion lasts, the class will remain.