With VLUDO: Blasph, Sam the Kid (STK), and DJ Kronic, carry the historic and distinct aura that the South Shore of Lisbon and Chelas attribute to the Portuguese Rap Scene. This trio first hit, “Ondulação” (meaning swell in Portuguese), rocked the waters, with Blasph encharge of the rhymes, STK carrying everything production wise and DJ Kronic cutting the track as usual. This track would soon be part of “Mechelas”, a compilation released in 2018 by Sam The Kid, with multiple artists.

Between visits to the Magic Room (STK Studio), and his inputs, the álbum “Dedos Finos” started to be shaped, with the first songs being recorded in the Dragon’s Den, by Fred Ferreira, from the great portuguese collective Orelha Negra. After a brief stop due to the pandemic, the artists resumed their work and, as the tracks started to come to form, the LP started to resemble a “conceptual album, without the intention”, with “a lot of references to religion, not because of the divine form but mainly due to the aesthetic - lust, gold and velvet ”. The name VLUDO (a shortened version of Veludo, meaning velvet in portuguese), fitted the purpose, with the singularity of being written in an uncommitted way. Tom (Beirute) and Jay Fella (MVP) are the new recruits in this album, straight from the South Shore. In the track “Sangue Azul” (Royal Blood), Blasph reunites with Amaura, who was also a part of the LP “O Processo”, produced by Kilú. STK also drops is own rhymes in the track “Património”, as he usually does in the projects he produces as Classe Crua (with Beware Jack and Maddruga) and Anatomia de Grog (With the collective Grognation). The Tracks where mixed and mastered by Here’s Johnny, from the label Superbad, and the artwork was made by Deck97. The video support for the singles “BCG”, “Património” and the first one “Vírgulas e Túneis” (that features Pablo Assis, Two Time National Champion of Freestyle Football) were all recorded by Sebastião Santana, one of the greatest film directors on the portuguese hiphop movement.